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The Rips Party Band at Claire & Simon Westray's wedding at Allerton Castle in North Yorkshire

AUG 25 2012


As we drove through the gatehouse of Allerton Castle we were expecting it to look grand, but by heck it was indeed! We felt like we were travelling back in tinoble and wouldn't have been suprised if a nobleman had rode out and greeted us on his horse. The inside was even more impressive, with chandeliers, oil paintings of lords of old, and winding staircases. Fab! We had another groom with a twin as best man today, it seems to be coming a regular occurrence. I pretend to know a lot about dresses but Claire's was beautiful! Anyway people danced and danced! The gig had a surprise twist towards the end. One minute there was guests dancing away on the dance floor, the next it was filled with pirates, sailers, witches and gools! The fancy dress box had been opened in the billiard room, and fun flowed out of it. We sure had fun too! It turns out the bride and groom are staying just down the road at Rudding Park this weekend, we'll hopefully see them tomorrow then as we're playing there Sunday night haha what are the chances!