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Mr & Mrs Lawson

AUG 3 2012

So, our first blog entry. Tonight was a good one to start on I must say! The bride and groom looked great, although I have to admit I was a bit concerned when I saw the groom with his hands around the hips of another woman on the dance floor, until
I realised it was his identical twin brother! Being a twin myself I should have known better, but they really were as identical as you can get! The dancing carried on all night, and in this case a lot of hugging in circles and jumping up and down, especially when our version of Mr. Brightside came on. Just before our finale Rachel (bride) came onto the mic to say a short but heartwarming thank you to everyone involved, and finally declared her love for Carl, before we rocked it with Summer of 69 and Sex on Fire! The lovely couple led by example for the whole of tonight's gig, always on the dance floor and having the time of their lives! Great gig, great people! Hopefully we'll be back in Skipton soon.....oh wait, we are, in October for Cara Taylor and her Fiancé. Looking forward to it!